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Breakfast Topic: Two Years In

David Nelson

World of Warcraft is turning 2 years old this month. Blizzard is celebrating, as they should. Hey, millions around the world play and they redefined the standard of success for a MMORPG...Blizzard deserves a little pat on the back.

The topic this morning brings us to your involvement in the past two years, and your plans for the next year or two. I personally have been playing WoW since the release, and have never let my sub lapse. I have enjoyed my time in Azeroth, and honestly, I would not be shocked if I were still playing two years from now, provided they start popping out these expansions a little quicker. At the same time, I could certainly see the viewpoint of someone who might just be biding their time until the next big MMORPG, or Halo 3 or whatever. The game has to get old eventually, right?

What about you guys? Have you been around since day one, or are you a new WoW addict? Or somewhere in between? Do you think you will be around for WoW's 3rd anniversary? Or 4th? Why or why not?

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