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Cash Money Chaos allows PSP versus PS3 multiplayer


Cash Money Chaos lands on PS3

A kitten dies every time the PSP loses an exclusive game. Thankfully for us PSP owners, it appears that PSP games that get ported to other systems lose something in the translation (like multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, or well, everything in Lumines). However, the PS3 version of once PSP-exclusive Cash Money Chaos seems to lose only one thing: price. The game will be downloadable to the PS3, as part of Sony's new digital distribution strategy. Sony went on record saying that PLAYSTATION 3 downloadable games won't cost more than $15, which means this game will certainly cost less than the PSP's UMD version. Bah humbug!

At least it seems like the game plays well, according to our overlords at Joystiq. They note that once the PSP version comes out in February, you'll be able to play multiplayer between the PSP and the PS3 versions. I'd love to see that functionality extended to even more games soon.

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