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Cingular's Nokia N75 gets FCC approval

Chris Ziegler

Those among us impatiently waiting for the Nokia N75, Cingular's S60 3rd Edition clamshell with UMTS, might bide their time perusing the just-published docs over at the FCC's site. Among the goodies are internal photos (which should hopefully prevent an overly-curious buyer or two from tearing their newly-purchased phones apart) and external photos clearly showing the Cingular logo emblazoned across the back of the flip. Most importantly, though, a draft user's manual gives us all some desperately-needed reading material to hold us over for the few weeks until we can all march up to a Cingular kiosk and get the goods ourselves.

Update: The user's manuals (yes, there are two of them; it is a smartphone, after all) reveal that the N75 rocks support for purchasing music and music videos over the air. In fact, the music may come from multiple sources, as the phone has provisions for entering addresses and usernames for multiple "shops." Loudeye, anyone? [Thanks, Eric]

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