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Has Concerned's Gordon Frohman lost all his HP?

Ross Miller

It seems, after one catastrophic incident after another, Concerned's Gordon Frohman has finally died. Following a massive fall from the City 17 citadel with a not-so-ceremonious landing onto Dr. Breen, Frohman mistakenly turns off "Buddha mode," allowing his HP to drop below one.

Is Frohman dead? After 204 issues spanning just under 18 months, has Concerned told its last tale? The webcomic's forums are alive with debate on its finality, and a video game protagonist never truly dies (just return to the most recent save). The main website still claims he will update "every Tuesday and Thursday," so maybe Epilogue #2 will show up tomorrow.

Thanks to Chris Livingston for a hilarious comic. Be sure to sift through the archives if you have a chance.

[Thanks, Epic]

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