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How-to: Make your PSP shoulder buttons light up


It seems like you guys didn't like Engadget's analog stick makeover. Maybe you'll like this detailed guide to making light-up shoulder buttons instead. Everett, the modder, explains his reasoning quite eloquently: "Sony decided to make the PSP shoulder buttons transparent, leaving modders an excellent opportunity to make the device look way cooler with lighting."

I have to admit, the idea does sound pretty enticing: seeing your PSP shoulder buttons light up every time you press them. Cheesy? Maybe. Cool. Hellz yeah. It won't be easy to get these lights into your system, but Everett does a fantastic job of explaining how to rip open your PSP. If you're a bit too afraid of exposing your system's innards, you can actually request Everett to mod your system for you. For money, of course.

[Via PSP Hacks]

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