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How to turn your 2G iPod nano into a Ouija board

Cyrus Farivar

If you happen to have one of them shiny new 2G iPod nanos, and you happen to have a penchant for the occult, and you're looking for a new party trick to impress your friends with while dressed in your gadgety-themed costume that you're wearing to that hot Halloween party, well, right now -- fear not, Engadget is here to keep you on the techno-supernatural cutting edge. Those creative friends of ours at CNET UK turned their iPod into a Ouija board, remarking on the similarities between the Click Wheel alphabet-search system and an analog board. CNET UK's ghost (named "Brad") communicated through various tunes on the iPod, clearly the medium of choice for today's hip 21st century spirit. Now if you do try this at home or are participating in other Halloween festivities, make sure to keep it fun and safe for all involved -- awakening long dead spirits can ruin somebody's night. You do want to be around to read Engadget on Día de los Muertos, don't you?

[Via The Uber-Review]

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