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Logitech's Alto stand elevates your notebook

Darren Murph

Looking to take your notebook to new heights? Aside from the overtly deliberate PUN that Logitech is forcing down our throats here, the Alto notebook stand ups the ante of prior renditions by including a full-sized keyboard, sleek(er) design, and an ability to hold notebooks "up to nine pounds." The collapsible device can reportedly be setup in "less than 30 seconds," and measures just 9.33- x 16.84- x 1.41-inches when folded over and not in use. The integrated keyboard touts a variety of "media controls" to handle volume, track, and macro functions, and it also offers a trio of non-powered USB ports for connecting low-power peripherals. Logitech expects to roll these $99 risers out in December for those residing in the UK, while Americans will have to wait until January.

[Via Laptoping]

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