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Mad Catz gets in on the hot Gears action


Mad Catz is always good for a branded peripheral or two, but five? Yes sir, Mad Catz adds to the momentum of the Gears of War hype machine with a Console Crate (pictured right), a Console Skinz and faceplate combo pack, and three additional faceplates.

True Gearheads will have some hunting to do. To collect all four faceplates, you'll have to journey to Best Buy, Circuit City, and Gamestop, as each retailer has been stocked with an exclusive plate. We suppose you could order each online and save yourself the trekking, but where's the fun in that? Okay, seriously, does anyone buy faceplates?

Console Skinz & faceplate combo:
Console Skinz & faceplate

Best Buy faceplate:

Circuit City faceplate:

Gamestop faceplate:

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