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Xploder HDTV Player for PS2 reviewed


We were skeptical about Xploder's HDTV Game Player package for the PS2 back when it was first announced, and IGN's review has done nothing to convince us otherwise. The kit includes a disc that must be inserted every time the PS2 is hard-booted, component cables, and manual to enable setting your PS2 to output games at 480p, 576p, 720p, or 1080i. It's not that the PlayStation 2 didn't support these resolutions, but most games did not include them as an option. IGN didn't have any problems when setting things for 480p, and did notice a slight improvement in quality, however they got distortion and stretching not unlike TNT's "HD" broadcasts when using 720p and 1080i. Apparently, 576p is supposed to avoid some of these scaling distortions but their display could not accept that resolution. All in all, it seems if you really need 480p in games that didn't support it -- for example to avoid gaming lag -- this might be worthwhile but its not suddenly going to turn your PS2 into an HD-pumping beast.

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