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Digita to build Flash-OFDM wireless broadband across Finland


Remember Flash-OFDM? Yeah, us neither. Well, it looks like the little wireless broadband standard is going to get a big push in Finland from Digita, who has just announced a nationwide network rollout. Digita is teaming up with Siemens for construction, and they've got some 450MHz frequency to work with, and are planning to launch on April 1st of 2007 with the early stages of the network covering most of Finnish Lapland and urban southern Finland. According to Digita: "The goal is to make Finland world's first country with a wireless broadband network covering the whole nation," which is a bit of a dubious claim in light of Japanese and Korean accomplishments in that realm, but 1.5mbps speeds aren't nothing to sneeze at. We're sure the Netgear folks are happy for the news.

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