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Fighting trash mobs is totally Overrated

David Nelson

According to several threads that are making their way around the forums, the Horde guild Overrated, from the Black Dragonflight realm, had a majority of their members get the WoW death penalty: the permaban. Yes, this is THE Overrated, probably the top Horde guild on the US servers.

Why the permaban? Well, according to various claims in the threads, a bunch of the guild members used hacks to run through walls to C'Thun as opposed to fighting the trash mobs and the bosses along the way. Of course, there are a couple more rumors in the forums about what really happened, as tends to be the case with all forum drama.

If the wall hack is true...damn. All those incredibly geared players are just gone! It was stupid to try a hack like that to save time, and Blizzard more than dropped the hammer on them for doing it. I sort of feel sorry for them, but the reaction from the Black Dragonflight community seems to be glee, so maybe these guys truly had it coming. Either way, I hope they have fun hitting the level mill all over again. Oh, and they are recruiting! Get your apps in now! CTRaid, Decursive and Wall Hack required mods. Hah. I kid.

Anyone out there from Overrated? Or can anyone shed some further light on the situation?

And if you come across any other guild drama, the resident Gossip Queen of WoW Insider would love to hear from you.

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