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Nintendo World tour stocked with 88 titles


Nintendo World 2006 kicks off to tomorrow in Nagoya, Japan; making stops in Osaka and Tokyo later this month. The exhibition brings with it 88 titles, split evenly between Wii and DS.

Visitors can expect the usual unusual assortment of "games" from Nintendo's vault, including an encyclopedia and healthy eats recipe collection. The rest of the lineup is mostly familiar, but there will be some significant debuts; the first level of (and possibly a new character from) Super Smash Bros Brawl among them. There are also plans to show off the Mii channel.

Some new DS oddities have been unearthed as well, notably Picross DS ("paint by numbers"), 100 Poems by 100 Poets: DS Shigureden (presumably based on the art exhibit in Kyoto), DS Bimoji Training (Japanese calligraphy), and Namco Bandai's Mojipittan DS, a version of the popular fast-paced word puzzler.

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