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Play-Asia cancels PS3 pre-orders... Sony scare continues

Nick Doerr

On the heels of the whole Lik-Sang deal, Play-Asia has been scared pre-orderless. That's right, no longer are they accepting PS3 preorders... for the UK. Because that's really all the news has to tell us, we'll copy the letter sent to those who did preorder from the site.

Dear **,

this is an important e-mail update regarding your PlayStation3 related
reservation at

We regret to inform you that due to licensing and distribution
limitations, will not be able to send PlayStation3 branded
products to your territory. Unfortunately this also affects your recent
reservation with us.

As a result, we are very sorry to let you know that we have now cancelled
your non-binding reservation (***) with us. Rest assured, as this was
a "no money down" reservation only, no funds have been debited in any way.

We kindly ask for your understanding and would like to apologize for any
possible inconvenience this may have caused to you.

With best regards,
Your Customer Service

Oops! Wow, there's really nothing positive happening on the European end of Sony's stick. Except a lot of irritating poking. Into the heart of gamers. But then again, Play-Asia did this by themselves -- fear is probably the most powerful tyrant of all. Hate on Sony if you want, but this really had nothing to do with them directly. Indirectly? You bet.

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