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PS3's reallocated to Hong Kong and Taiwan

Nick Doerr

You guys implied it, now we supply it -- the news about the drop of PS3's allocated to Japan and the rumors of redistribution elsewhere. Related? Well, it's not a rumor anymore! On November 17th, the same day North America gets to try to get their hands on the PS3 (but about 12 hours sooner), so too will Hong Kong and Taiwan. The price? Well, conversion tables aside, the amount listed at the original article for the 60GB version is "NT$17,980" in Taiwan.

How many are being shipped there? That information was not disclosed, but with the 20% cut in Japan's expected numbers and so short thereafter this announcement, it's safe to say that it's not going to be very many. Anyone want to take bets? SCE Asia managing director Tetsuhiko Yasuda has stated they plan to "attract a million buyers." Perhaps by the end of the year? Even so, good call for those of you who said something about this the other day. It is indeed true. Kudos. Hats off. We bow to you. Congratulations. Uh... any more congratulatory/flattering remarks?

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