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Get a PS3 in Hong Kong (legally) for cheap!

Cyrus Farivar

You know, it's not everyday that you can knock $100 off of the US retail price on one of the hottest gaming systems in the world. But if you find yourself in Hong Kong on November 17th, you'll be able to legally acquire a PS3 (60GB) for HK$3,780 ($486), or if you prefer to wait until December, you can get a 20GB model for HK$3,180 ($408). Now if you're keeping score at home, our US MSRPs will be in the neighborhood of $600 and $500, respectively -- so Hong Kong's getting a substantial savings, for sure. So if you're going to be in the neighborhood and are planning on buying one, don't forget about your pals over at Engadget; we'll, like, totally be your bestest friend forever!

[Thanks, LM Chong]

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