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Here's what happens when a Cube devours a Mac mini


This is just so perfect I want to cry.

Those that know me already know that I'm an Apple Cube fanatic. And if you didn't know - well now you do. My own Cube sports a a shiny black aluminum PowerCube enclosure (with obligatory white Apple logo affixed to the front), a Dual 1.7GHz 7447A CPU, 1.5GB RAM, 250GB WD HD, an FX 5200 video card with Dual 24-inch LCD Displays and an 8x DL SuperDrive. It's a sweet rig and I rarely find myself wanting or needing more from a desktop computer. Even with a base fan and a small blower on the video card it's also still virtually silent, as a Cube should be. And it looks stunning on my glass top suspended above a powder-coated steel desk.

I must admit, however, that this mod takes the Cube to an entirely new level. Presenting Anthony's Mac mini Cube:

"My inspiration for this project came from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store and the recently released black MacBook. I wanted to recreate the G4 Cube as if Apple had never discontinued it and make it into a true media center. I did not want to simply put the 'guts' of an Intel Mac mini inside and 'dress it up', but to refresh the Cube and create something that could stand out. Here are my confessions of the project, enjoy... "

Dear Steve Jobs: If you build it, they will come. I'm just sayin'...

Check out all the glorious pictures as well as an admirably detailed description of the process - which is far more elaborate than you might be thinking - at 123Macmini.

Great job, Anthony! Thanks to Jamie, Rick, and the hundreds of friends, relatives and readers who sent this tip directly to my inbox!

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