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Holy 36-hour downtime, Batman! [Updated]


Yes, I admit, when I ran across the thread titled "Extended Maintenance 11/7/06," my eyes sort of glazed over and I moved on to the next topic. (Hopefully one of some interest...) Another Tuesday, another maintenance cycle. Ho-hum. However, this particular maintenance extention not only effects my own realm -- which I had thought was safe, having come up on the supposed new hardware platform not all that long ago -- but is also planned to last a full 24 36 hours. Oddly enough, Blizzard is also performing this maintenance on the most recently opened realms -- Echo Isles, Blackwater Raiders, Vashj, and Darrowmere, brought online on October 5th.

Why? Hardware upgrades! Blizzard will be transfering data onto a new storage solution in preperation for the coming expansion. Hardware upgrades are all well and good, but the necessity of them on such newly opened realms puzzles me a bit.

The process is expected to start on November 7th at 12:00 AM PST and end on November 8th at 12:00 AM PM PST -- and if you're on any of the following realms, it's time to make alternate Tuesday plans. Andorhal, Anetheron, Anub'arak, Archimonde, Black Dragonflight, Blackwater Raiders, Cenarion Circle, Cenarius, Dalaran, Dalvengyr, Darrowmere, Dentarg, Duskwood, Echo Isles, Executus, Haomarush, Hyjal, Khadgar, Lightbringer, Mal'Ganis, Norgannon, Scilla, Steamwheedle Cartel, The Forgotten Coast, Thrall, Turalyon, Uther, Vashj, Ysera, Ysondre, and Zuluhed.

Update: Maintenance times revised from 12AM through 12AM to 12AM through 12PM the next day -- that adds up to a full 36 hour maintenance window. I swear the first time I looked at Tseric's post it said 12AM to 12AM, but it's possible I was mistaken, too.

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