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Hyper Space Couture Design Contest features "spacewear" outfits

Cyrus Farivar

We're not really sure which is worse, that the future has already reached Japan, or that Japan has already out-designed everyone. Apparently yesterday there was a "spacewear fashion show" at the University of Tokyo's Hongo campus. A joint venture between Rocketplane Kistler, an American space tour company, and a group of Japanese fashion designers came together to create the "Hyper Space Couture Design Contest." The clothes selected will be used for Rocketplane's flights, which are slated to begin in 2008. While we don't exactly know what "spacewear" means, apparently one of the requirements is to be able to pack form and function into a zero-g outfit, "such as ruffles that expand under weightless conditions or small air-jet propulsions systems in the sleeves to help you change direction while floating." We still think that any of these outfits could be improved with a little Engadget logo stitched somewhere on there, but hey, we'll still take some small air-jet propulsion systems on our terrestrial outfits.

[Via Pink Tentacle]

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