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OMEN PC, VoodooPC's flagship packs Intel quad-core action

Cyrus Farivar

If you really, absolutely, positively need to have the sweetest gamer rig at your neighborhood-friendly LAN party, then you may want to check out VoodooPC's latest offering, the OMEN PC. We're pretty sure this is the first Intel quad-core desktop that we've seen on the market, and boy it sure doesn't disappoint. It's loaded up with your choice of an ATi Crossfire or an NVIDIA SLI graphics card 2GB of DDR2 RAM, an 80GB SATA drive, a Pioneer dual-layer 16X DVD burner, a Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Music audio card, a near-silent liquid cooling system and an "advanced chamber airflow layout" (i.e. BTX). Of course, all of that gadgetry doesn't come cheap, no sir -- that'll cost you $5500, and that's before taxes and shipping. Did we mention that VoodooPC is throwing in a t-shirt too? That seals the deal, no?

[Via Slashgear]

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