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PS3 to hit Taiwan, Hong Kong Nov. 17

Kyle Orland

The websites for Sony Hong Kong and Taiwan confirm that the Playstation 3 will launch in both territories on Nov. 17, the same day the system hits North America and six days after it hits Japan. Only the 60GB version will be available initially for NT$17,980 and HK$3,780 respectively, with the 20GB version coming in December for NT$14,980 and HK$3,180.

Non-Japanese Asian markets tend to get systems much later than their brethren in the land of the rising sun -- both the Xbox 360 and DS Lite launched in Taiwan months after their Japanese counterparts. The quick launch is made more quixotic because of Sony's well-reported supply problems, which recently led the console-maker to scale back launch shipment projections in Japan to 80,000 units. Taiwan tech site DigiTimes quotes Sony Computer Entertainment Asia Managing Director Tetsuhiko Yasuda as targeting a million buyers in the region, but didn't indicate how long it might take to reach that number.

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