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Tales of the World is hottest games video, baffles Joystiq


The writers of Joystiq are SO B1A53D!!! They showed off an amazing looking Tales of the World trailer, and the best commentary they could come up with was calling the game "Fable Lite". Lame. Us PSP fanboys know that this Tales game allows you to create your own character and go on a fantastic quest with stars of previous Tales games. Unlike the upcoming DS Tales of the Tempest, the PSP-exclusive Tales of the World will also feature downloadable levels.

The commercial reveals that people that pre-order the game in Japan will receive a bonus DVD: "Lemon Gumi." Unfortunately, a US release hasn't been announced, so Tales fans like myself may be forced to simply import the game. With impressive graphics, and a cast that includes characters from Symphonia, Legendia, Phantasia, and more, it might be worth it.

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