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Yes, the "Axe of Inappropriate Responses"

Mike Schramm

Yes, in case you're wondering, we did see this on Digg earlier today as well. It's a screenshot from the WoW Forums in which a player (from Syndicate on EU Ragnaros) posts announcing the death of his brother, another player who was well loved by some on the server. And then, of course (this is the WoW Forums, after all), a level one alt makes a response that's not quite the most conventional thing to say when you hear of someone's passing.

Now, Joystiq thinks it means WoW players are desensitized and "sad." But as many people have said, on both Digg and Joystiq, I like to think that, seeing as he was a true WoW player, Nano wouldn't have minded at all. In fact, he probably would have /laughed right along with us.

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