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FCC likes Motorola's low-end KRZR clone

Chris Ziegler

We reckon there's probably a good market in this country for cheap KRZR knockoffs -- phones that maintain the essence of the phone's high style, while offing the unimportant stuff. Who better to follow through on the vision than Moto itself? Of course, we're not entirely sure whether the low-end W210 will ever find its way to the US or whether it'll be relegated to servicing the needs of the world's emerging markets, but doesn't it seem like the sleek little CDMA flip would do brisk business on, say, Virgin Mobile or Verizon INphone? The lack of an external display might be a bummer, but status icons pick up at least some of the slack and it should sport a variety of shell colors when it launches. The FCC approval here gives us at least a sliver of hope that Motorola would like to sell a few of these statside, so we'll stay positive for the interim.

Update: So, it turns out this isn't a W210; it's closer to a W220 in appearance, but packing CDMA instead of GSM. The user's manual on the FCC site conspicuously leaves the model number out, so it's anybody's guess what this thing might be called.

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