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Metapreview - Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Blake Snow

Nintendo lifted what appears to be the first of at least one more embargo late last night on advanced industry previews of the highly anticipated Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii. Rather than getting in the way of what's being said, let's cut to the chase:

  • GameDaily - "Twilight Princess may be the greatest Zelda ever ... Jaded critics will no doubt find lots to complain about, but don't listen to them. Twilight Princess is not only the Wii's quintessential killer app, but also one of the best adventure games to come along since Resident Evil 4."
  • Game|Life - "I was worried that the Wii version of the game would be rendered gimmicky and unsuitable for long-term play sessions. But now I've played it, and not only has every lingering speck of doubt been scrubbed clean, I was actually shocked at how well it worked."
  • Gamespot - "Twilight Princess' now-mandatory use of the Wii remote has been the subject of much 'love it/hate it' talk online, and we'll admit to mixed emotions ourselves after having played it the first times, but after spending a longer period with it, we have to say that we're still on the fence but leaning towards being cool with it--with some reservations."
  • 1UP - "If Twilight Princess manages to uphold the level of quality seen in its opening hours for the entire duration of the adventure, it will unquestionably go down as one of the greats. Imagine Ocarina of Time, but polished and expanded and refined and generally perfected."

  • Kotaku - "The game is remarkably cinematic, but not in the cheesy Hollywood-wannabe way that so often traps the gaming industry ... Does Twilight Princess need to be on the Wii? Probably not. But the game is a little better for it."
  • Planet GameCube - "But ever since the announcement of the Wii version, there has been the debate over which version of Zelda is going to control better. My friends, the debate is over: Wii Zelda is the real deal."
  • IGN - "If Wii Sports is for the non-gamers, Twilight Princess is for the hardcore. After I spent 10 hours with the game, I barely managed to squeak by two temples, with the third so far off that I could scarcely imagine getting there, let alone approach the objective. (For the record, out of 30 or so journalists, nobody came close to the third temple.)"
  • GoNintendo - "I seriously cannot see myself playing the Cube version and enjoying it nearly as much. I know that it is the same core game...and I would enjoy the story just as much...but the physical connection of actually feeling like Link is absolutely priceless."

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