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Today's hottest game video: PS3 web browser in action

Kevin Kelly

We're leapfrogging to spot number three tonight, because the top slots are currently being pwned by the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess trailer (117,537 views!) and the intro video that we've already hit. Coming up a distant third (a paltry 27,797 by comparison) is the PlayStation 3 web browser in hot, glorious video action.

Some of the cool features are that you can have six browser sessions active at any given time, you can punch in addresses and text using the controller, a usb keyboard or *snap* a bluetooth keyboard. Slickest of all is the ability to use the left analog stick as your mouse, FTW! It will be pretty sweet to surf the web between gaming sessions, but it would be even sweeter to be able to upload screenshots of yourself owning someone online to a website using the browser. Give us some kind of smacktalk feature, Sony. We're gonna need it.

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