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Microsoft not allowing Red Octane to produce wireless guitar

Red Octane, publisher of Guitar Hero, says not to hold your breath for a wireless Xbox 360 guitar controller, because the Microsoft wireless technology is "proprietary." Hopes for wireless 360 thrashing were dashed a little over a month ago after it was discovered that the Xbox 360 guitar was tethered, and following the announcement last week that Red Octane would produce a wireless guitar for the PS2, it seemed only natural that one would show up for the Xbox 360.

eToyschest asked Red Octane if they were going to produce a wireless Xbox 360 guitar, "Well, that's a Microsoft issue. Their wireless technology is proprietary ... so they aren't allowing third party manufacturers to make anything at the moment ... so until they allow us to do so, we aren't able to."

So, a last-gen system will have a wireless controller, made by a company that we've come to trust (especially if you're a Guitar Hero freak and put yours through its paces -- and had it survive), but a next-gen system will need to be wired? Awkward.

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