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Motorola KRZR K1m goes live on Sprint

Chris Ziegler

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Sprint still hasn't quite learned the fine art of not getting shown up by CDMA rival Verizon for prompt releases of the hottest phones, partially on account of Verizon's tendency to lock up lucrative exclusivity agreements that last anywhere from a few months to life of the model (as is the case with the CDMA Chocolate). Fortunately, as foretold by our friends at Phone Scoop, Sprint's K1m comes relatively hot on the heels of Verizon's. Thanks to a different UI and color scheme, the Sprint variant barely resembles its stablemates and it'll be interesting to see whether customers ultimately do a better job warming up to it. The Sprint K1m can belong to anyone willing to part with $200 and sign on the dotted line -- or, as Sprint likes to say, $399.99 minus $200 in "instant savings."

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