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Breakfast Topic: New Classes

David Nelson

I never usually give much thought to new classes in World of Warcraft. Sure, they might be neat to mess around with, but I can't think of many bases that a new class would cover that isn't already fulfilled by an already existing class. Do we really need more crowd control classes? Or a class that can melee and cast damage spells?

However, Relmstein got me thinking that maybe there is room for some new blood with his recent post in which he presents some ideas for new classes. In Oblivion I created a battle mage, which was fun, but a mage in plate might make the community collapse under the weight of the massive flame-filled threads that would surely erupt. At the same time, if the battle mage is balanced right (don't ask me how to do that), it could be a fun class.

So what do you guys think? Could the next expansion use a couple new classes? If so, what kind of class should be included?

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