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Medion SIM 2060 laptop iced out with 300 crystals

Cyrus Farivar

We're not really sure why anyone needs a crystal-encrusted LED belt buckle, nor an iced-out Xbox, but Medion clearly thinks that a sparkly (with 300 Swarovski crystals) laptop is the best way to attract female users, despite our skepticism. Looking beyond the exterior, the SIM 2060 laptop packs a 1.73GHz Core Duo chip, a 12.1-inch screen, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 100GB hard drive, WiFi, Bluetooth, gigabit Ethernet, a SD/MMC/Memory Stick card reader, an ExpressCard 54 slot, and a dual-layer DVD burner -- all of that will set you back £1,000 ($1,900). Not a bad deal considering that a fridge with 7,000 such crystals went for 10 times that price.

[Via Reg Hardware]

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