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Nexus Audio's T-2: the 1U AM/FM/XM Radio tuner

Darren Murph

If you're in the market for a portable XM Satellite Radio tuner, there's plenty of options to keep you occupied, but if you're scouting a more studio-oriented alternative, Nexus Audio Systems has your gig. Claiming to be the "first Canadian manufacturer to receive approval to produce an XM Satellite Radio-ready tuner," the T-2 also touts AM/FM reception and a snazzy blue LCD display for showing off track and artist information. Geared towards "the custom AV market," the unit is housed a in rackmoutable 1U chassis, and was designed to play nice with the company's own C-6 series AV controllers. The brushed aluminum tuner features "audio grade" components and output circuitry along with a "highly regulated" toroidal power supply. While the firm doesn't list an expected price nor ship date, we're sure the mounties will be strapping the trifecta of tuners into that custom AV rack real soon.

[Via Orbitcast]

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