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Nongamer on Wii: it's better than buttons [update 1]


It begins -- as the Wii kiosks go up around in GameStops everywhere, we're starting to see more hands-on impressions of the system. Reader Nick tipped us off on this one, and it's not much, but there's something interesting in these few quick lines about the Wii. He and his wife, Katie (who he says is "pretty much a nongamer") stopped by their local store to check out the Excite Truck demo in action. In their blog, Katie reports that Nick had a little trouble with it, but she found it easy. Why? Because it was really like steering and not just about pushing buttons. That was something we noticed at the Fusion Tour as well -- that those of us who spend vast oceans of time with a controller in hand may not have it so easy with the Wii, at least in the beginning.

[Thanks, Nick!]

[Update: Removed photograph at reader request.]

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