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Overrated responds to their permaban [Update]

David Nelson

As anyone who even mildly follows the WoW community has no doubt heard, the uber guild Overrated was permabanned for using a hack that allowed them to bypass content in Ahn'Qiraj. If you are late to the party, check out the initial story here.

Our story on the banning was posted the night it went down, and almost a week later, someone from Overrated has responded to the story with their point of view, which seems to be consistent with what I have been seeing from other Overrated members. The text of the comment made by Kletus from Overrated is as follows:

The patch we used was called 'Patch 5.mpq' not Patch 3, but nevertheless the outcome was basically the same.

We used this cheat two or three times to make the headache of C'thun trash go away. And we only began using it after we had already "beaten the game." While most of us were aware of the possible consequences, we basically had to do it. Let me explain.

Since the majority of our guild's equipment is beyond that offered in the temple of AQ, there is little incentive for our raiders to go there at all. Basically all we get from there is a nasty repair bill. The only loot worth anything drops off of the last boss, so naturally it came to the point where only a handful wanted to go to AQ because of the incredible cost of time and gold, with little reward.

With this cheat, we could basically eliminate the repair bills, the gueling 4++ hour clear, and actually have the required raid online to kill C'Thun before people started getting sandy and logging out.

So we hacked. We lost. Game over. It was a good run.

Did we hack Naxx? Nope. Although we have been guilty of 'clever use of game mechanics'. We by chance discovered the 8/8 wrath bug on Patchwerk on our third or fourth kill and used that exploit the following week before it was hotfixed. Resetting the four horsemen isn't hard. Besides, it gives no advantage because you still have to wait for the dead to run back.

Estimated total eBay value of banned accounts: $60,000+
Was it worth it in the end? Hell yes.


Hmmm...well, they certainly aren't sorry, and as this is just a videogame, I suppose they don't really need to feel bad. But as they cheated in Ahn'Qiraj, I wouldn't put it past them to cheat in Naxx, so their claim of innocence on that front falls on deaf ears. And apparently they think it was all worth it. for them I guess!

What do you guys think? Is this any great loss whatsoever? Or just some harcore WoW folks whose time in the game had come to an end? I mean, they don't even care they got banned, so were they actually enjoying themselves playing the game to begin with?

A video demonstrating the hack is embedded after the jump. [Thanks to Luka and xfr 3386 for pointing us to the video!]

[Added additional credit for video.[

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