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Sprint announces Motorola SLVR L7c

Chris Ziegler

As expected, Sprint has come forth today with their very own SLVR from Motorola, the L7c -- the latest in a barrage of popular Moto products conspicuously missing from Sprint's lineup until just very recently. The announcement is particularly notable for two reasons; first and foremost, Sprint's press release marks the first carrier introduction of the CDMA SLVR anywhere. The more interesting secondary story here, though, is that Sprint has finally beaten Verizon to the punch in announcing an anticipated handset -- music to the ears of Sprint customers that have watched their carrier sit idly by as their rival scoops hotness after hotness. Sprint hasn't yet announced pricing or availability for the L7c, but now that they've laid their... uh, SLVRs out on the table, we're thinking it won't be long now.

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