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Blockbuster trialing HD DVD and Blu-ray rentals at brick & mortar locations


The video rental giant recently revealed it will off about 40 (each) Blu-ray and HD DVD titles for sale or rent at 250 of its locations. They're basing the rollout on customers that were early DVD adopters so good luck if you can find the discs at a store near you. Rental prices will be the same as standard DVDs, so if you're not already renting discs from Blockbuster Online or Netflix this should be a cheap way to check out those movies you've been missing...unless of course you're already downloading them directly to your Xbox 360. According to the article its good for retailers to remind customers that as they upgrade to HDTVs their local store will upgrade also, in the face of so much competition that would seem to be a very good idea. We've got so many options to get movies without leaving our houses or even couches, if a customer makes a trip to the store and they don't have something in stock, that might be the last time they bother going at all.

[Via HDBlog]

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