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Editor explains retracted NWN2 review

Alan Rose

Games For Windows magazine editor Jeff Green has posted a lengthy explanation on why Matt Peckham's now infamous review of Neverwinter Nights 2 was pulled from 1UP last week. Green's commentary offers some detailed insight into the new editorial process that will unify and GFW product reviews -- a system that seemingly left all parties involved with their backs up against the wall. In this excerpt, Green discusses his gut reaction after reading Peckham's review:

"...when I read it, I was unhappy. I felt that right from the start, it read more like a bashing of the genre rather than a review of this specific game. I could see valid criticisms of NWN2 in the text, but I felt that the overall tone made it seem that [Matt] was just so sick of turn-based D&D RPGs that the game never had a chance on its own. I felt, if I was a reader, my first question would be: 'Why the heck did they let him review it then?' I felt that what he was saying in general was perfectly valid -- but just not for this piece."

In summary, the GFW editor reaffirms 1UP's commitment to gamers, which is what drove the decision to remove the NWN2 review. Nothing like a little controversy to help kick off a publication relaunch, but in choosing to share the lessons learned by his organization, Green's retelling of these unfortunate events can benefit other trade publications.

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