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Sprint's BlackBerry 8703e with a stub antenna?

Chris Ziegler

Last time we checked, RIM's 8700 series BlackBerrys were sleek little devices without an external antenna anywhere to be found. We're at a loss, then, to explain this little gem unearthed by a reader on a page detailing Sprint's BlackBerry 8703e and 7130e which clearly shows the former bearing a big, obtrusive, unappealing stub jutting from the top left. We smell a conspiracy -- what's the deal here? Are there two versions of the Sprint 8703e floating around? If so, is the antenna for GPS reception? If not, what prompted some graphics dude / dudette to graft the stub onto the press imagery? We have a sneaking suspicion some clowns at Sprint are snickering at us right now, watching us get all worked up over this. Can't breathe, hyperventilating... excuse us while we go grab a paper bag.

[Thanks, Jeremy]

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