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David Nelson

I will admit it. I hate it when people say ding upon leveling. I used to like it, and send the typical congrats well-wishing, but now...I just wish people would stop.

It is especially annoying when someone is starting a new alt in my current guild, and they are dinging 4 or 5 times a night, and the guild chat gets flooded with macros of congratulations. Some are funny, most are old and tired. In fact, there is always talk of banning the macros (most especially the big "You're trucking now" macro with the ASCII art, which annoys to no end), but everytime the subject is mentioned, 4 or 5 guildies chime in with how serious and unfun we all are, which could possibly be true. As of a few months ago I started a new policy: the only time I ever acknowledge a ding with a congrats message is post 40.

Am I a big jerk? Maybe. But at least I am not alone! The forums has a rather long thread regarding this very subject. Some folks are vehemently pro-ding, while others find it as annoying as I do.

What do you guys think? Do you ding level 2? Or do you never, ever ding? Or just ding on special occasions?

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