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Italy gets Motorola RAZR V3xx

Chris Ziegler

Hong Kong gets the KRZR first, Australia gets the MAXX first... what's next, Italy first out of the gate with the V3xx? Well, actually, yes. Telecom Italia's mobile division, TIM, is now showing the HSDPA-infused RAZR for a pricey €299 -- about $380 for us yanks, which is a smidge more than we were hoping considering that the V3xx is the entry-level model in Motorola's 3G clamshell push. Entry-level or no, though, the V3xx brings it strong with A2DP, a 1.3 megapixel main and VGA secondary cam, microSD expansion, and the typical alphabet soup of support for GSM flavors. We're personally going to keep holding out for our MAXX, but folks taking the plunge will get their choice of Licorice Black and Burnt Orange flavors.

[Thanks, Jewberg]

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