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MacBook Pro and Nike + iPod Sport Kit compete for Time magazine's Gadget of the Year


It's that time of the year for Time's "Gadget of the Year" and Apple has two strong contenders in the running (no pun intended), out of the eight nominees. The MacBook Pro and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit trail behind the Nintendo DS Lite for first place right now - but your votes could put them over the top! Show off your Apple pride and go vote for your favorite.

I dig the MacBook Pro, of course, but I'm voting for the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, despite not being a runner. I just think it's an smart bit of technology. Even dogs can use it! Have you ever seen a dog try to use Treo 700w or use a Sanyo HD1 handycam? I didn't think so. You need thumbs for that. Dogs don't have thumbs. Duh.

Thanks, Marcia and Sam!

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