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Magicbox intros Imp Adapt WiFi radio / media player

Darren Murph

Magicbox has unveiled a smaller, sleeker version of the original Imp, and is apparently catering to the Squeezebox crowd by throwing in a fair bit of expandability and streaming options. Aside from the obvious ability to tune into internet radio stations wherever there's a WiFi source, this device can also plug into your home theater speakers for surround sound goodness. It also sports a "superbright" LCD, supports WEP / WPA security, six preset channels, "archiving" abilities, headphone out, clock / alarm functions, and a wireless remote to boot. Of course, it will also sync up to your PC in order to stream MP3, WMA, and AAC "to anywhere in your home." The Imp Adapt is available now in the UK for around £114.99 ($219).

[Via Tech Digest]

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