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Samsung's SPH-8100 WinMo Pocket PC with Mobile WiMax, IMS, and DMB


It's not the dual-mode WiMax / GSM handset we're waiting for, but Samsung's SPH-M8100 Mobile WiMAX slider should force an optical interrupt nevertheless. Like the SPH-P9000 introduced yesterday, this device is part of Sammy's Mobile WiMAX MITs lineup only this time in a dedicated IMS lovin' handset. Come on, you remember IMS right? It's the IP Multimedia Subsystem we saw under global trial back in February which even Cingular has been known to dabble around with. IMS support means this not-a-cellphone handset will not only provide access to content over high-speed Mobile WiMAX (WiBro as it's known in Korea), but it'll also feature such SIP-based services as VoIP calls, video conferencing, and "Push-to-All" which we assume is just the push-to-talk, walkie-talkie service as it's known 'round here. The handset runs Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC and features a 2.8-inch 65k color, 240x320 touch-screen TFT display, MMCmicro expansion, and 2 megapixel camera with another 0.3 megapixel shooter up front for video conferences. It also features T-DMB mobile TV with both the antenna and stylus tucked neatly away in the case. Oh, and this handset will pull double-duty as a Mobile WiMAX modem for your laptop too. Now pardon us, we have to get back to banging our rocks together, there's mammoth for dinner tonight! Lots more pics after the break.

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