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The Best Buy PS3 camp out begins


With nine days to go, it's time for people to pack provisions and start waiting in line at Best Buy for their PS3 ... wait, what? Yup, people have already begun waiting outside one -- of the unconfirmed 18 -- Best Buy stores with midnight PS3 launches. Best Buy doesn't intend to have a midnight Wii launch according to sources (something about having 4 million units).

We will be sure to update this post as soon as we can get confirmation on which Best Buy store this is. According to NeoGaf, it's Burbank, store #137, which isn't on the list of midnight launch locations; however, CheapAssGamer says it's the West LA store, which is #109 and on the list.

We're glad to see that some gamers will wait a week for their shot at owning what will certainly be the most elusive console of the holiday season but, let's face it, we're talking about California. That's not hardcore. Once we see people waiting outside of stores: #408 (Ann Arbor, MI), #804 (Landmark Center, Boston, MA) and #281 (Richfield, MN) ... then call us impressed.

The rumored 18 stores with midnight PS3 launches are:

  • #58 Park Lane, TX
  • #109 West LA, CA
  • #143 Chesterfield, MO
  • #184 El Cajon, CA
  • #254 Superstition Springs, AZ
  • #278 Chapel Hill, OH
  • #281 Richfield, MN
  • #291 Galleria, TX
  • #301 Butterfield Rd, IL
  • #393 West Hollywood, CA
  • #408 Ann Arbor, MI
  • #504 Gwinnett, GA
  • #555 Hialeah, FL
  • #561 South Tampa, FL
  • #583 Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • #609 Manhattan NoHo, NY
  • #804 Landmark Center, MA
  • #1028 Manhattan Midtown, NY
[Thanks TopaZ for the pic info and everyone else who sent this in. Thanks Tyba for the Best Buy list!]

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