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Beta Beat: ImageWell 3 updated to Version 3.0b5 - brings back old skool cropping


There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that someone is listening to you - and hearing you - when you're unhappy about something. Well, you spoke and the folks at XtraLean listened. When the ImageWell 3 beta was released in the wild a few days ago, the most common complaint was that image cropping was no longer as easy or intuitive as it had been in version 2.1. It even had me stumped initially, although I, admittedly, didn't mind it all that much once I figured out where the crop tool was hiding. Instead of ignoring their user base, as many freeware, shareware and even major commercial software developers do (I'm talking to you, Adobe), XtraLean quickly went to work to bring cropping, as we previously knew and loved it, back from the dead.

A note from the developer says: "We've had some great feedback so far - bug reports, suggestions and complaints. The number one complaint was the cropping feature was too complicated in ImageWell 3. We are happy to announce that we reworked the UI to make image cropping more like it was in ImageWell 2.1. A new build with this better (at least we hope it's better) cropping can be downloaded here. During this beta/release candidate cycle we'll be putting out a new build every two days. Be sure to submit your feedback, bug reports and complaints - so we can try to make ImageWell the best we can. Again, thanks for your support."

Thanks you, XtraLean, for caring enough to listen to your users instead of ignoring them. You are a shining example of what the Mac community is all about.

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