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Breakfast Topic: Grandma Loves Her World of Warcraft

David Nelson

When I play World of Warcraft, I usually assume every player is somewhere between 16 and 35 years old. Some a little older than me, and some a little younger.

However, tonight I discovered that one of my regular instance partners over the past couple of weeks is not only a little older, she is A LOT older. In fact, she is a 61 year old grandmother. She said her and husband started mudding way back when, and just kept with the hobby and eventually transitioned into Everquest, then into WoW. Oh, and she is also a phenomenal rogue.

I am always shocked when I see older folks playing WoW, but I really shouldn't be. As the tech savvy crowd gets older, we can expect more and more older players. Heck, I hope I am playing World of Starcraft 4 in my retirement village in 50 years.

Have any of you guys run across someone a little older in WoW? What's the oldest player you have met? Do you see yourself playing MMORPGs when you are 60? Or will you have retired your keyboard?

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