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Full resolution videos possible on firmware 2.80! [m]


One of the biggest complaints about the PSP's video playback interface is how limited it is. There used to be a strict naming scheme involved, and videos were limited to 76800 pixels, only 59% of what the PSP is actually capable of (480x272 resolution). PSP-Vault has uncovered a long-unknown secret: you can play full resolution videos on the PSP, as long as they're encoded with the highly size-inefficient Motion JPEG codec, the same kind used by Chotto Shot. Sony never advertised this fact, but you can see for yourself! Download the following sample video and place it in your PSP's VIDEO folder:

As you can see by this download, the Motion JPEG codec is not a very efficient one at all. One minute of video takes 29MB, which is highly restrictive for people with smaller memory sticks. It's an interesting find, and it shows that Sony's taking tiny steps towards fully unrestricted video on the PSP. If you'd like to encode your own motion JPEG videos, download 3GP Converter, and PSP-Vault's INI file. The INI file is placed in 3GP's "default_settings" folder. When you're done converting, simply place your video in PSP's VIDEO folder.

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