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MIGS06: Reggie keepin' it real on the show floor


We were told that Reggie Fils-Aime would be hanging out on the show floor of the Montreal International Game Summit following his keynote, but I didn't actually believe the man would do it. After not fielding questions, and making himself virtually unavailable for interview, I just assumed that Reggie considered himself to be on a different level than anyone else here. I mean, even Mizuguchi could be seen yesterday having a boxed lunch near the Ubisoft booth. Reggie clearly sought to solidify his larger-than-life persona by remaining untouchable.

So when Reggie walked up to Nintendo's booth on the show floor, I was surprised and a bit impressed. Mr. Fils-Aime is human after all. As if to prove it, he began coaching an attendee on the finer points of Wii Sports Baseball.

"You can use the D-pad to throw a curve-ball," he said. The summit-goer was obviously taken aback a bit. He was losing pitifully to his friend, and the last thing he probably wanted was the Nintendo of America president telling him what to do. I don't even think he said thanks. Reggie, on the other hand, smiled as though he had truly made a difference. The kid still sucked at baseball, though.

Sorry for not getting a better picture. I was waiting in line to play Twilight Princess, and didn't want to lose my spot.

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