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Nintendo prez reiterates growth "mantra" in keynote

Blake Snow

"Everyone loves a game, so why isn't everyone playing videogames?" asked Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime at the Montreal International Game Summit today. In case you missed it, that question sums up the big N's marketing hopes for their next-gen console, the Wii. In an effort to reclaim fading market share, the company is aiming to satisfy hard-core and casual gamers, re-engage old gamers, and treat the market like any other mass entertainment medium does; one that a popular majority enjoys such as books, movies, and music. That's the pitch.

Set that likelihood aside for a moment though. Maybe current industry growth (or lack thereof) is okay. Assuming it isn't, and if Wii bombs or only does moderately well, does that mean the video game industry can't grow? If it can't, are games a less scalable form of entertainment? And if growth can't take place with motion-controls, how can it?

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