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PlayStation Network downloadable game prices revealed!

Nick Doerr

It's a pretty long subject for an otherwise simple idea, isn't it? How wordy. Anyway, Sony Computer Entertainment finally announced pricing for some of their downloadable games, such as the super neat looking Blast Factor. And by some of their downloadable games, we mean Blast Factor. Let's just assume it's indicative of all other downloadable game prices. First off, there will be a free demo for you to download to make sure the game is up your alley. Second off, how else can we keep beating around the bush? Are you annoyed yet? $7.00. Approximately $7.00... which is what, 840 yen? Yes, it is.

As far as eating up your PS3 hard drive space, make sure you can stomach parting with 95 megabytes. If you have a 360, confirm for us this: that size is, on average, higher than Xbox Live Arcade titles. Is this too pricey? Just right? Personally, anything under $10 is pretty easy to stomach, but that's very subjective and it's the voices of the masses that matter, not my own.

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