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Presenting the X360F Leaderboard Mk. II


We invited our readers to play GOW together this week, encouraging them to check out our leaderboard and make friends. Many of you were disappointed that the leaderboard was full (they only allow 100 people per board), so we decided it was time to add another leaderboard and expand our community. Introducing the Xbox 360 Fanboy Leaderboard Mark II. It's just like the other one, except it features our would be mascot created by Alan Fowle for last month's Lumines contest (pictured on the right). If you couldn't make it onto our first board, head over to MGC and register. If you've already registered for the first one, there's no need to register for the second. Before you go, we need a name for our mascot (assuming Alan is okay with us using it). Allow me to make the first suggestion: Button Face. See? You can do better than that, right?

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