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Tubular - YouTube client with presale offer

David Chartier

Tubular is an upcoming YouTube client allowing you to browse videos (keyboard shortcut goodness included) and save them for your iPod with a mere click or two. It used to be known as InnerTube, but CBS sued for some odd reason to force the name change. Fortunately, while development is rounding up on what looks like a slick Mac OS X app for YouTube, users can pre-order the $19.99 app for only $12.99. Even better, Phill Ryu has a $9.99 offer at his blog (at the bottom of the post). If you want a little more information on Tubular and its abilities, check out the Tubular blog and Phill's preview from back at the end of August. For the YouTube junkies, this looks to be a pretty useful app.

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